Not Especially Eastery

My neighbor Marin invited me to play tennis at his fancy club downtown and so for two and half hours yesterday morning under a forever-blue sky with the Bay Bridge, the Ferry Building and San Francisco's most spectacular buildings hanging out in the background, that's just what I did.

I stretched, showered and hauled my aching, aging body to the Castro after tennis to join Bevan and Sid for an Easter-ish brunch at Squat & Gobble.

Then the three of us strolled through the 'hood making a pit stop at Giddy for sugar before heading to Hellman Hollow in Golden Gate Park to watch Puerto Rican Refu-Jesus claim the 2018 Hunky Jesus crown. In true San Francisco fashion, the other Hunky Jesus finalists were Gun Control Jesus (his signs were pretty racy, even for the Internet) and Yoga Jesus, who led the rowdy Sunday crowd in a series of hilariously blasphemous poses.

The day wrapped up with a noodle dish and two episodes of Gilmore Girls on the couch with B and Ellie and I think that this Easter, although not especially Eastery, was an improvement over some of the other Easters.