Today I Am Thankful for Amy

There was an event in my office tonight and I spent pretty much all of it moping in the back corner of the coat check room with Amy, the TaskRabbit we always hire to manage the coat check room at events in my office.

Below are five facts about TaskRabbit Amy.

  • She lives in a converted church in Oakland
  • Her religion is iowaska
  • She explains away everything—drama, partying, sloppy make-outs with cute boys from São Paulo—with "It's why we come to the Earth."
  • Once when she and her roommate were high from smoking marijuana they "invented" something called PlasticRat™ which is a Roomba that gobbles up plastic trash and turns it into plants and even though they realize fully well that it's an impossible idea to bring to life she and her roommate still sometimes pitch it to people in elevators "just in case"
  • She doesn't give a single fuck

We were washing down free food truck food with free grocery store wine this evening, Amy and I, when she told me that eating meat is bad for your soul. Then she made me thank "our chicken friends" before I took a bite.

Amy also told me a story about her stint as an on-call masseuse in London which ended with "I quit because it wasn't serving my Highest Good…and also because I got arrested for giving a handjob to a police officer."

Gob bless Amy.

She saved my life today.