Just the Same

Work's been an asshole lately and the world's ended a dozen times a day since this piece of shit took office and I've been making my way around this planet in what feels like double gravity so when Bevan asked "What do you want for dinner tonight?" my desperate reply was "To see the sun set."

He picked me up from my office around five o'clock and we made it to Ocean Beach by six but when we pulled into the parking lot there was no sun to be seen, only fog and cloud-cover and a gaggle of gangly teenagers laughing and chasing each other barefoot through the sand and surf.

We were watching the ocean when it started to rain and everything beyond our windshield became imperceptible streaks and blurs and B and I caught each other up on all of the little things and I know it wasn't a sky full of Superman ice cream but it was a perfectly beautiful sunset just the same.