Because I've been a real big piece of shit lately, I'm gonna throw five good things that happened today into the void that is this web log in an attempt to try and appreciate my one and only precious life instead of, well, not.

  1. The post office near the hotel that I'm sleeping at was (and probably still is) selling Lena Horne stamps and I bought a book of them.
  2. Austin was throwing this crazy-go-awesome thunderstorm this morning so I dragged a freshly-delivered sofa to the window of my company's new office and watched it for long enough that I forgot where I was.
  3. Megan sent me this YouTube video and it made me fly.
  4. Between leaving work and having dinner I treated myself to a five-miler along Lady Bird Lake under the heftiest air (because of the aforementioned thunderstorm) and when it was over my body had been reduced to nothing in one of those wonderful ways where my muscles felt like a dish of room temperature butter on a three-margarita buzz.
  5. I consumed red wine on the outdoor terrace at the InterContinental Hotel during sunset while a harpist played Guns N' Roses (on a harp).

Today was good and life is good and I should get that tattooed on my face.