A List While I Wait

Sylvia and I rang in St. Patrick's Day all over the Castro yesterday afternoon and now it's today evening and I'm sitting on the couch rewatching season three episodes of Parks and Rec whilst I wait for the March Hamildrop to exist on the World Wide Web and below is a list of the things I did today.

  • played in Duboce with Ellie
  • showered my body
  • ate breakfast at Starbelly with my pal José
  • played in Duboce with Ellie
  • ran five miles
  • chatted with Bry and Jess on FaceTime
  • shaved my face
  • laundry
  • chatted on FaceTime with Kelly and her offspring
  • chatted on the phone with my father
  • played in Duboce with Ellie
  • met Kari at Whole Foods where I made myself a stupidly expensive salad before walking Kari almost home so we could gab longer
  • consumed the aforementioned stupidly expensive salad
  • chatted on FaceTime with Bevan
  • waited on the couch for the March Hamildrop to drop
  • freaked the eff out over the March Hamildrop following its drop