I Would Like "Call Me by Your Name" to Win All the Awards

As I agonize over my Oscar picks (I'm coming for you, Lynch!), time and time again I find myself replaying Call Me By Your Name in my mind. I'm not sure if it'll win any of those little gold statues or not, but it was by far my favorite of all the films I saw last year. It's like the story was taken directly from my heart or, you know, words that are more articulate and less pathetic than that. Similar sentiments have been expressed by friends both homo and hetero alike. It's a gay love story for everyone. With a gorgeous soundtrack to boot. And golly, I can only imagine what it's done for the peach industry.

Also, I'm not sure if the above quote was in the movie or not but it's in the book and it's on my board at home so I stashed it at the top of this entry.