London I'm Out, or I Done Did What I Came Here to Do

The departure of my American Airlines (operated by British Airways) airplane flight home is significantly delayed so I've used some of the extra minutes to pee, order another 250 ml glass of red wine from Sara at Wetherspoons and put together a final tally of the personal goals I set for myself on this trip to London. Said tally can be found below.

  1. Cross the Thames on foot using five different bridges
    1. Blackfriars
    2. Golden Jubilee
    3. Lambeth
    4. Southwark
    5. Waterloo
    6. Westminster 
  2. See three pieces of theater
    1. Dreamgirls
    2. Everybody's Talking About Jamie
    3. Hamilton
  3. Run once
    • Yup I did.

Furthermore (thanks for teaching me that transition, Mrs. Dornbos), every time I see my face in a photo I'm appalled by how many wrinkles I have around my eyes and then I have to remind myself that my face muscles are simply too superhumanly strong for my skin and that even the most advanced lotion solutions are no match for my unfortunate superpower.