I'm waiting for the airplane I'm on to take me to Palm Springs where I'll be celebrating my friend Kelly's birthday for the next nineteen or so hours.

Although it may seem ludicrous (or possibly "glamorous" as my friend Will put it on FaceTime this morning) to travel so far for such a short period of time, for this same friend's birthday last year I flew to New York City for less than one full day to attend a dinner party after which I lost the actual shirt off my back while performing karaoke at Sing Sing in St. Mark's Place (as much as I wish that story wasn't true (I really loved that shirt), it is).

Even though this trip is super brief, I real-struggled to pack for it. Every time Bevan sees me getting ready to travel he makes a comment about how I always bring way too much crap, but this is the first time I actually got what he was saying. In addition to what I'm wearing on my person right now, I've tucked neatly inside of the duffel bag next to me, the following items:

  • six shirts
  • four pairs of shorts (two sweat, one casual, one running)
  • two bathing suits
  • running shoes
  • flip-flops
  • a hat
  • two pairs of socks (ankle)
  • three pairs of underwear (boxer briefs, Jockey)
  • three ChapSticks
  • a notebook
  • a laptop
  • an electric shaver (even though I just shaved this morning)
  • headphones
  • all of the essential toiletries
  • a phone charger

Seeing as I'll already be back in San Francisco by this time tomorrow (if neither of my planes go down), I guess I have to concede this one to B.

Postscript: As the picture at the top of this entry indicates, I got a haircut yesterday. Much like all of the other haircuts I've received in the last, oh, decade or so, it makes me look kinda like LGBTQ icon Ellen DeGeneres. I think it's important to note, however, that my friend Will said (also via FaceTime this morning) that it makes me look like a young Ellen DeGeneres and, let's be honest, at this point in my hair-story, I'll take what I can get.