We Saved a Bird Today

We saved a bird today.

We were running Ocean Beach before work this morning, my buddy Steve and I, when we noticed a seagull struggling in the surf. She was flapping her wings but couldn't break free from the waves. When we got closer we saw that she was being weighed down by something, so Steve tucked his hands into the sleeves of his sweatshirt, scooped her up and started making his way toward dry land before something halted his progress.

"She's caught on fishing line," he said.

Sure enough, the bird's legs were fused together with a tiny, translucent string that was anchored in the water somehow. While Steve held the bird I pulled the fishing line loose from the ocean bottom and we carried her up to the beach. A nearby fisherman lent us a pair of scissors which we used to cut the line from her legs, but she still wouldn't fly. We set her down in a dry spot near a plank of driftwood and continued our workout. By the time we returned she still wasn't flying, but her movement seemed a bit better.

We couldn't stay long enough to see her make it back to the sky, our bird friend in distress, but for a reason I can't explain, I know she's flying now.