23 Things I Did Today

An introductory sentence belongs here.

  1. Cheered for the participants of the 40th running of the San Francisco Marathon whilst standing on the sidewalk in front of my house
  2. Drank a glass of orange juice
  3. Chatted with Bryan on the phone while he was on his way home from a three-day heterosexual bachelor party (yes, apparently Hell does exist)
  4. Added a buttload of new songs to my "It Broadway, Bish" playlist
  5. Ate a bag of baby carrots
  6. Got a haircut
  7. Took a shower
  8. Attended Marf and Marlowe's daughter Ryan’s second birthday party in Golden Gate Park with Buddy who got a bunch more attention than I did because apparently kids really appreciate playmates they can lift
  9. Did FaceTime with Kelly and Ella
  10. Ate an apple (green)
  11. Found out that SyFy convinced Kevin Bacon to do a Tremors revival
  12. Decided against going to the gym for swimming or yoga
  13. Ate bowtie pasta
  14. Toasted my mom's birthday (again) with Bevan and pink champagne and also Bryan, Chris, Ella, Harrison, Jess and Kelly who called me on FaceTime from a boat on Lake Michigan at sunset (see photo below)
  15. Peed
  16. Ate Imperial Rolls from Perilla
  17. Folded laundry
  18. Watched several episodes of 30 Rock next to B who chose reading The New York Times over laughter and quality time with his partner (me)
    • "Well, I met him on K-Date, which is the personals section of the Kraft Foods website."
    • "You do a lot of things well; make money, choose wine, wear ties. But you and women? Disaster. Divorce, broken engagements, I assume herpes..."
    • "If you walk briskly in a pilot's uniform you can go pretty much anywhere. I've been upstairs at the White House while the Obamas were sleeping."
  19. Dropped my tennis rackets off at a guy named Marwan's house in the Haight to be restrung before we head up to Cloverdale next weekend
  20. Ate chocolate chips from a bag I found in a cupboard we never use
  21. Walked to the mailbox by the United States Mint in the fog with Sidney to deposit three ‘thank you’ notes because I'm super hashtag blessed
  22. Found and listened to a mix I burned when I was seventeen titled "High School" that proves I've always had a great deal of feelings
  23. Barely even wept hardly at all while remembering what high school was like