2017 Pride Run Pics

At some point between race day and right this minute the organizers of the 2017 Pride Run posted photos of said event to the World Wide Web. The photos that have myself and my peeps in them can be viewed below.

The dude in the bowtie is me. I'm smiling because I'm almost to mimosas.

That's Marlowe being fast and hot and a complete goddess pretty much.

Number 465 is Dan and he's making a scorching fast time look casual AF.

And here come Bevan (94) and Steve (466), just two good buds wrapping up a brisk little Saturgay morning stroll through Golden Gate Park.

Oh look, it's Sidney finishing v. strong and with style (hashtag rainbow skirt).

And last but not least my pal Marc is in the background in the backpack. He's sniffing the armpit of my t-shirt because I asked him if he thought I remembered to put deodorant on that day. For the record, I did remember!

We're all gay!