An Update on Buddy's Busted Limb

Because we've had so much effing dog drama in our house already this year I forgot that a while back I wrote on this web log about how Patches fell on Buddy at the dog park breaking his front left arm in two places.

Wait, are the front ones arms or legs?

Dogs are four-legged, right?

Okay, so his leg.

Anyway, Patches snapped one of Buddy's limbs in a couple of places while playing with another dog at the dog park last month (according to Bevan Buddy was just standing there and Patches fell on him) and several people have asked me how he's doing so below is an update (and some x-rays).

Initially the vet thought a compression splint would allow Buddy's leg to heal well enough to get him through his life (it would've also been a much cheaper option for us), but then a week into his healing she changed her mind and recommended that Buddy have surgery which, pardon me for being gauche, sucked dirty butthole to pay for, but we did and now Buddy has a badass metal plate in his left foreleg (Foreleg's correct. I googled it).

Now on the road to recovery, barring anymore incidents at the dog park Buddy should be back to his sweet, scampering little self in a few weeks.

Oh, and I know I was a weepy little bish about Patches on this website for a long while earlier this year and then abruptly stopped writing about her, so here's the scoop. There's not really much new information to share except she still has cancer but she's also still four-legged and we intend to keep her that way for as long as we can. We visited a holistic vet in Pacifica last week and she adjusted Patches' spine (dog chiropractics, y'all), outlined a 'cancer diet' for her and prescribed a bunch of new vitamins (and dog pot).

I should note, just in case anyone who's read this far has an animal, that pet insurance is an absolute must. We didn't get it because we're total freakin' idiots and because of that the cost of making (or trying to make) our two sick dogs healthy has totally screwed us right in our big, dumb faces.

So get pet insurance.

You're welcome.