Missing Richard Simmons

I get a podcast recommendation literally once a week.


At minimum.

My friends and family members are always pitching their favorite podcasts at me. So often do they do this, in fact, that I have an expansive list on my phone of podcasts that I will absolutely never ever listen to. I know that I won't because I've only ever listened to one podcast ever in my whole life and that was the first season of Serial because everyone was talking about it and I was in a car for five hours with B and we needed something to do on our way to and from Carmel-by-the-Sea on a date day two years ago.

People recommend podcasts to me, I add them to the ever-expanding list on my phone just to be polite and then I smile, promptly close out of the list and open up whatever book I'm reading at the time and that's been that.

Until now.

I was achieving sunburned shins while sipping beers in Dolores Park with my friend Adrianna yesterday when the following conversation happened.

Her: Have I told you about this podcast that I just finis...

Me: I'm gonna go ahead and stop you right there. I spend all of my commute time reading books on the train and therefore will never ever ever infinity have any extra time at all to listen to podca...

Her: It's called Missing Richard Simmons and it's about one man's search to find Richard Simmons. You know, the old workout gur...

Me: Oh I'm familiar with Richard Simmons. In fact, I've hugged him.

Her: Okay then you have got to listen to this podcast.

Me: Fine. I will.

And I did.

And it's everything.

The series only has six episodes and I just finished episode three and so far I find it to be so so so entertaining and heartwarming and hilarious and interesting and suspenseful and weird but mostly it's just UGH-MAZE-ING.


In fact, I recommend it.