So I Lied on Accident

I know now that I was being unintentionally misleading last night when I wrote that our Patches girl is on the mend and I didn't even realize it until this morning when I started getting messages like the following.

What I meant was that the wounds from her stitches are healing well and she's sleeping through the night and no longer crying all the time. Overall though we're kind of in the same boat as we were a week ago when she went under the knife. Basically, the surgeon couldn't get very much of the tumor out because it's wrapped into a fair bit of Patches' muscle and strongly recommends that we amputate, but after going through five days of Patches not being able to get around very well on three good legs and one impaired one, we decided that amputation would probably not be the best option for her so we're gonna meet with an oncologist to figure out if radiation will work. If not, the owner of the pet store down the street from our house told B that cannabinoid (a chemical compound found in marijuana plants) works wonders on canine tumors, so yeah, #dogweed.