Eight Things From Day Two in New York

We woke up late this morning because we got zilch sleep the night before and were floored to find ourselves in the middle of a freakin' snow globe. It seems like only yesterday that we were frolicking through Central Park in sweatshirts and tennis shoes. Oh wait, that fucking was yesterday. Anyhooter, a list of the crap that we did on our second day in NYC is below.

  • stared up at the gorg AF ceiling inside the Main Concourse of Grand Central Station
  • accidentally touched somebody else's discarded chewing gum while riding a downtown-bound 6 train
  • ate a delicious soup and sandwich combo and drank the dopest blueberry and mango smoothie ever at Siggy's Good Food in NoHo where Sid wouldn't touch her $13 bowl of mac and cheese because she "likes the stuff at home better" (she meant Kraft, just so we're clear)
  • ditched B and Sid to sip a warm beverage and read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire at the Starbucks on campus (more on that below) while occasionally glancing out the window to watch people younger than I heave snowballs at one another in Washington Square Park
  • met B and Sid at the Regal Union Square Stadium 14 to see A Dog's Purpose which I wouldn't recommend to anyone who doesn't feel like adopting twenty-five dogs immediately (P.S. Dennis Quaid, call me)
  • consumed a literally smoking bourbon cocktail at Todd English's Stinger Cocktail Bar and Kitchen on West 44th Street (for serious though, my drink smelled like a GD campfire)
  • ate dinner with Bevan's friend Jim (and B and Sid) at Marseille in Hell's Kitchen and learned the oh-so-valuable lesson that one single piece of regular-sized shrimp can cost eight dollars American here
  • saw Jessie Mueller in Waitress again because she's leaving the cast next month and also because I felt like seeing B and Sid ugly-cry

I'd like to note that Starbucks was a splurge item for me when I was a v. broke student at the University of New York University which doubly sucked because I was often invited to group study sessions at the aforementioned Starbucks location on campus and hardly ever bought anything so even though I was just purchasing a caramel macchiato today it felt like I was hoisting a mother-fucking "Look at Me Now, Bitches" trophy because I could actually afford to be buying it. I know that must sound totally idiotic, but it's nice to know that I've made at least some progress, however small, in the last decade-plus since graduation even if it's just not having to feel guilty about spending a few bucks on a cup of hot, caffeinated liquid.

Also, I went to grab the bathroom key from the barista at said Starbucks because I had to pee because coffee and a guy grabbed it from her before I got to it but handed it to me and said, "You should go first. I'm about to take a shit." which is literally the nicest thing anybody's ever done for me.