Five Things From Day One in New York

Even though we were beat AF from our red-eye across the United States of America (yes I got offered an upgrade and yes I took it and yes I left B and Sid to fend for themselves all the way back in row twenty-four and yes I felt zero guilty about it and yes I've got a mega rad story to share on this web log at a later date about my totally shit-faced seatmate slash possible new best friend) and the subsequent subway ride to our hotel, we still managed to pack a shit-ton of shit into Sid's first day in the Big Apple. A carefully curated selection of the things that we did can be found below.

  • climbed on rocks and swung on swings in Central Park because it was sixty-two degrees outside
  • had lunch at El Mitote on the Upper West Side following a tip from Fiona, the checkout girl at the Lululemon on Broadway (my chorizo, jalapeño and scrambled egg torta was OMDFG scrumptious infinity)
  • consumed tune poke nachos and waffle fries at the 5 Napkin Burger in Hell's Kitchen while talking shit with our pal Ben Rimalower
  • saw Avenue Q at New World Stages and had to shield Sid's eyes during the scene where two puppets engage in sexual intercourse
  • rode in a yellow cab which was at the very top of Sid's NYC bucket list