Welp, I Guess This Is a Musical Theater Blog Now

The Dear Evan Hansen Original Broadway Cast Recording came out three hours and fifty minutes early on the West Coast tonight (oh don't look at me like that, bish) so I made Sidney stay up and listen to it with me and, well, she gave it her all but it turns out that 9:00pm is definitely her hard stop.

Anygay, as expected the album's incredible. Currently I've got "For Forever" playing on repeat into my ears and Ben Platt's voice is like a goddamn buttered roll, whatever the hell that means. Wait no, it means that he sings like freakin' rainbows is what it means. Okay whatever. Writing is hard.

Also, yes that is a Christmas tree in the background of the picture of Sid asleep on Patches. I know it's February but it took me like three years to convince all of the Jews in my house to let me put one up so my plan is to just keep it there all year lest they change their tune come next December.

Oh, and my last three entries have been about musical theater by total random happenstance, so unless I get cast in Wicked during the night, I promise this'll be the last post about Original Broadway Cast Recordings for a while. In the meantime, come get down on this hot goodness with me.