Our Ellie Girl

The Dufty-Lambert family increased in size by one mammal last weekend.

Her name is Ellie, she's made of mostly pit bull parts, she's either one or two years old depending on which of her papers is accurate, she was a stray before someone turned her in to the Stockton SPCA on November 25th and her hobbies include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • throwing up in our bed (three times since Sunday)
  • destroying every sports ball we own
  • being totally obvious to Buddy's protestations about her existence
  • crying whenever Bevan leaves the room
  • staring me down while I brush my teeth (see photo below)

She's a super sweet girl, our Ellie, and even though she's been on the street she appears to have had good home training; she can sit and lay down and when we call her she comes. She's a bit on the lean side from not having had regular meals for a time but we're pretty stoked to change that. Also, she snores like someone shoved a stack of chainsaws into a trash compactor but she's an ace cuddle partner so we'll let that slide.