Amanda, Ice Skating and a Few Other Christmas Eve Activities

This morning I slept in until nine, did some sit-ups, took a shower and then met Amanda downtown. Our breakfast spot of choice was closed on account of the upcoming Christian holiday so we rode around town in her SUV before eventually stopping for food at the Bob Evans by the highway.

After Amanda dropped me back off at my car I headed to the L.C. Walker Arena to glide around on frozen water with Aunt Patti, Bevan, Bryan, Chris, Ella, Harrison, Jessica, Kelly, Luz, my dad and Sidney. Before we stepped onto the ice I told my dad that I was kinda nervous about skating because I hadn't done it in such a long time and his oh-so-caring and sensitive response to me was "God forbid you don't excel at ice skating, Corey."

Hey thanks Dad.

Needless to say, I didn't excel, but also I didn't die.

As a matter of fact, none of us died.

Following a pit stop at my dad's condo we braved a building snowstorm to join a bunch of my relatives at my godparents' house to early-celebrate the birth of Mary and Joseph's only child by mainlining cocktails and appetizers while the kids bounced around like maniacs in the game room upstairs.

Now we're all at Chris and Kelly's place waiting for Ella to fall asleep so we can plant presents under the dead tree in the living room and then, come morning, lie to her and her brother about who actually put them there.

Merry almost Christmas!