Holiday Breaking, or I Miss You, Jonathan Larson

Today's the first of eleven straight that I'm not scheduled to be in the office so I used a few hours of it to start working my way through the mammoth list of chores that I made for myself. In addition to organizing my closet and dresser and deep-cleaning the Roomba, one of the items on said list was to mount a cork board in the hallway for pinning notes and quotes and such.

The first thing I pinned was a lyric from the song "No Day But Today" from Jonathan Larson's hit musical Rent because, as one year comes to a close and a new year is set to begin, it's a good reminder that life is short and nothing's guaranteed and we should live every day like it's all we've got.

Sid's becoming quite the language lover in his own right and I'm hoping that someday I'll walk by the board and find that he's added one of his favorite quotes to it. In the meantime, I think I'll do just fine on my own.