Back in the Bay (Kinda)

When I get off of this commercial aircraft in a few minutes I'll meet up with Bevan somewhere in Terminal 2 (he, Dan and Steve were on a different return flight because I waited until, um, two days ago to book mine) and we'll share a Lyft home where I'll do a quick load of laundry, snuggle with Buddy, brush my teeth, wash my face, watch last week's episode of Will & Grace, repack my suitcase and then stay in my bed for as many hours as I possibly can before I have to head back to SFO at 6:45 tomorrow morning for an 8:30am flight to Washington, D.C. (via Baltimore) for work reasons.

I've got just two more takeoffs and two more landings this week and then I promise I'll be done posting bleary-eyed airplane selfies for a little while.

Thanks for sticking with me.