Throwback Thursday, or Farewell Matt Lauer Crush

"Did you hear about Matt Lauer?!"

I was still in bed and part of me, the majority actually, wasn't yet awake, but B was shouting at me from the hallway outside of our bedroom anyway.

"What?" I asked groggily.

"He got fired! Your boyfriend got fired from NBC! For sexual harassment!"

I stretched to grab my phone from the nightstand next to me, performed a quick Google News search and, an instant later, confirmed Bevan's report.

"Shit," I whispered. 

Much to Bevan's irritation, I'd always harbored not-so-secret feelings for the longtime Today Show hunk host. I mean, in all honesty, how could I not?

In fact, during my junior year of college I was taking a course called TV and the Information Explosion and I actually got to interview Mr. Lauer on camera. Our big, end-of-semester project was to track down a working journalist and find out how much they knew about the history of the spread of information. Because we were ambitious, young over-achievers, my working group chose to camp out at the Today Show and try our luck in getting then-co-hosts Katie Couric and Matt Lauer to talk to us.

We'd been standing in frigid New York City weather for several hours early one winter morning when Katie and Matt stepped into Rockefeller Plaza to film a promo for NBC's Academy Awards coverage. After they'd finished I waved for Katie to come over and, to my surprise, she did. I told her about the assignment and what I was studying and despite my horrible goatee, self-haircut and what-the-eff-was-I-thinking sideburn length, she invited me and my classmate/cameraman inside 30 Rock to ask her some questions.

Katie was totally gracious and sweet and witty and gave me as much time as she could before she had to head back to work. After she'd answered all of my questions Matt sauntered in and kindly did the same. He was also funny, and handsome, and taller than he was in my fantasies I'd imagined.

After following the news for the past few weeks, the reports about Matt joining the ranks of other rich and powerful white male creepers didn't really surprise me, but it was still pretty heartbreaking nonetheless. I mean, who wants to have wasted a decade-plus-long shine on a dude who has to resort to locking his lust interests in an office to keep their attention?

Not I.

Which is why today is the day that I bid farewell to my crush on Matt Lauer. As of this date I am no longer sorry that things didn't work out between us.