In Which I Ruined the Plan

Tonight's agenda had included attending the Beauty in the Beast sing-a-long at the Castro Theatre but I botched the start time by a long shot so after enjoying a meal at Don Ramon's (Lee made me an off-menu burrito with French fries in it) we wound up getting candy from Giddy and frozen yogurt from Easy Breezy and showing Dasha and Magda around the gayborhood instead. 

When we got home from our tour Roo and Sid insisted on performing an infinite number of dance routines for our guests (seriously, how do they know so many dances) to songs that were not age-appropriate, then the two of them headed to the Johnston's for a sleepover. Now B, Dasha, Magda and I are sipping tea and watching Miss Congeniality on the sofa with Buddy and I'm probably not gonna be awake for very much longer.