The Colors of the Rand

In October of 2016 I tweeted on Twitter a series of pictures showing the progress of a silly project I was working on at my place of employment.

Then earlier this month, more than a full year after I'd wrapped up my portion of the aforementioned project, the World Wide Web got wind of it and turned it into a bit of a thing. Sites like Boing Boing, Digital Trends, Gizmodo, Mental Floss and Nerdist all published articles about the unorthodox method my employer uses to generate encryption keys.

Because I'm oblivious to pretty much anything not involving boys, fried food or musical theater, I had no clue that the Wall of Entropy I helped construct was getting so much love online, which is why I'm thankful to have friends who are less oblivious than I, one of whom linked me to a video that a British guy named Tom made explaining how the whole thing works.

I don't know how to wrap up this entry so I'll just say that of the more than 1,200 comments on the video above, the one below is my favorite.