It's After Midnight and I'm Somehow Typing Words

After spending approximately ten hours in Los Angeles today, Kelly, Tommy, Trevor and I got back to SFO just before 8:00pm and I hauled my booty home, kissed Bevan on his face, gave Buddy a pet, hopped in the shower, changed my clothes and then took off in a Lyft car toward Gwyneth and Joshua's house in Cole Valley to consume one glass of red wine before traveling, on foot, to Dan's housewarming party where we sidestepped fifty or so of his guests to giggle in a closet whilst consuming beer and chips.

Now it's well after midnight and I just got home and I've gotta run five miles with Steve mañana but most of my major obligations (one dozen flights in three weeks) have finally been met so I'm gonna put myself into bed and be there until I feel like not being there anymore and also I need Advil.