The Best of Logical Family

I made my way through Logical Family in two days last week and tonight I looked back at the passages I highlighted. Below are ten of my favorites.

Incidentally, I'm sure I've never read an author who depicts so accurately what it's like to be closeted as well as Armistead Maupin does, nor have I read an author who illustrates so beautifully the best parts of being out.

How could I have guessed then that the thing I feared most in myself would one day be the source of my greatest joy...

He made me think how nice it would be to live with a boy forever.

I felt old because I had strangled my youth, and I could not for the life of me imagine what lay ahead.

I felt listless and empty, a sorry impersonator of whatever it was I was trying to be.

I sat there on the bench for several minutes, berating myself for all the time I'd wasted running scared, the long, anemic nothingness of my youth.

It was then that I saw how life could be if you let it happen.

He endures mostly in the hearts of those who received his particular magic at a particular time, but he endures nonetheless.

This was not a march or even a protest. It was a conscious act of love in response to a conscious act of barbarism. It was the very best of us made visible.

Such moments are all the god I'll ever need.

I had found a home out West that would love me for myself.