Un Day en Madrid

Our train pulled into Madrid around noon but we couldn't check into our Airbnb until 2:00pm so to kill time Mary tripadvisored (that's definitely a verb now) lunch and chose a quaint little restaurant on Calle de Almadén called Matilda that was adorable (in one corner there were comfy couches and a bookshelf teeming with travel guides) and served excellent food. Our waiter was a sassy, middle-age gay man who didn't like us at first because our luggage took up most of his establishment ("There are places near the train station that tourists like a lot.") but he warmed up to us in the end.

After our meal we were granted access to our stay, a five-bedroom, one-bathroom flat on a narrow, alley-like street in residential Cortes, that had très balconies from which one could gaze out at the neighborhood.

Following disco naps and bathing we set out to explore Spain's capital city.

At the recommendation of travel writer Rick Steves ("Uncle Rick" to our gang) we decided that our last meal in Spain would be progressive tapas which included several unique dishes such as deep-fried bacon bites.

When dinner was finished we headed home to wrap up the evening and the trip with a round of the Monopoly Deal Card Game which Mary won.

There's a large to extra large chance that I will cry come tomorrow morning.