Barcelona Bound

We dragged our luggage to the traffic circle by our stay on Calle Pureza just before eight o'clock this morning and hired two taxis to deliver us to Santa Justa Station and our 8:50am high-speed train to Barcelona.


Despite the smiles, we're all struggling hard. Mary and I got the giggles around 5:00am and kept the other rooms up for an extra hour. We were laughing about my creative consumption of a French fry in this picture.


You had to be there.


Right now everybody's asleep and have been since our train left Seville but I can't close my eyes, there's too much to see. For instance, a few minutes ago we passed a castle on a hill. A quick Google search tells me it's called Castillo de Almodóvar del Río and was constructed as a Roman fort in 760.


Yup, three digits.


So far the Spanish countryside is all hills and olive trees and stone fences and I've yet to spot a cloud in the sky. I suspect that Barcelona's gonna be epic, but until then I'm good just watching the world go by for a while.