Spain is Lit

We went to a flamenco show earlier tonight which was incredible and not just because the male dancer's costume was, um, revealing. The guitarist picked and strummed non-stop for an hour while another gentleman sang beautiful Spanish songs next to him. Two dancers, a male and a female, opened the show performing together and then took turns snapping and stomping and dramatic-turning their way through a series of dances.

Afterwards, when the show was over and the audience had gone home, Lauren, Mary and I got up on the dancing platform and took turns twirling in Mary’s flamenco dress. We thought we were amazing. Or maybe only I did.

Now it's four o'clock in the morning and I’m just now putting myself into bed. Our train leaves for Barcelona in not very many hours and my body’s not digging the no-sleep sleep schedule it's on. I blame my bunk-mate Mary who has kept me up giggling until far too late both nights I've been here.