I Made It

I'm in Spain!

My Quiznos Air flight to BCN was fuller than I'd hoped but not so full that I couldn't surreptitiously switch to an empty row just before takeoff so that nobody was seated directly next to me, which turned out well for all parties involved because we were traversing angry air for most of the journey and I didn't dare sleep (somebody's gotta watch the wing) and was consequently that guy who still had his overhead light on at 4:00am so he could feverishly scribble ZzzQuil-fueled "ideas" onto a cocktail napkin.

Because the flight took almost twelve hours and cocktail napkins are small, I also had time to watch part of the latest Spider-Man movie for the first time and all of Thursday's Will & Grace episode for the second, read twenty percent of Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe and wash down two glasses of shitty red wine with a bag of rice cracker mix.

I’ve still got four more hours until my Ryanair flight departs for Seville and I’ve already done all the things that I needed to do and more, including:

  • get a new stamp in my passport
  • poop
  • brush my teeth
  • wash my face
  • change out of my dirty clothes
  • repack my suitcase to make a section for said dirty clothes
  • sample the local fare (a Whopper and fries from Burger King)
  • take off my shoes
  • think seriously about downloading Scruff just to see if any of my fellow homos were milling about but ultimately decide against it mainly because I don’t have very much iPhone battery left and I never got around to procuring one of those plastic outlet converters
  • drink three beers

I've had a visit to Spain on my bucket list ever since I first read Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises as a teenager and even though I'm sitting in plain view of a Claire's and Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" is blasting through the airport's speaker system, being here still feels pretty surreal.