In this moment I'm sitting on a chair in T2 at SFO sipping red wine out of a plastic cup and waiting to board a commercial aircraft that will (hopefully) take me to the sky and then to the City of Angels where I'll spend the bulk of my hours-long layover attempting to weasel my way into one of those lavish lounges where (I assume) rich people gorge themselves sick on an unlimited supply of alcohol and appetizers for zilch currency (American).

So, um, wish me luck!

On an unrelated note, P!nk's new album is DUH-OPE. All of it. The whole thing. From top to bottom. So far my three favorite tracks are as follows:

  1. "What About Us"
  2. "Beautiful Trauma"
  3. "I Am Here"

Also, for the first time in my hundreds of airplane flights I'm carrying on my own pillow from home. So far I appear to be the only person in the airport who's doing this and I'm a little self-conscious about it but honestly I'm just tired of putting my face on airline-supplied pillows because they're the same consistency as a fuzzy condom stuffed with bar napkins (I assume).

God my face is wrinkly.