Hello There, October

After the airplane we were traveling on landed safely back in San Francisco yesterday evening Tommy and I shared a Lyft Line into the City. When we reached the Lower Haight he took off to meet a friend for ramen and I climbed into bed to partake in a disco nap so I wouldn't be a completely wasted invite to my second birthday party of the weekend.

Bevan and I stayed at the Boom Boom Room until well past midnight sipping drinks and listening to music and eating Thai food from one of three food trucks provided to guests of the birthday couple. We grabbed extra noodles on our way out and ate them in bed when we got home.

I got myself up around ten o'clock this morning because I had promised B I would watch strangers pay real American dollars to throw pies at his face at the Castro Street Fair. A stranger paid for me to do it, too, and so I did.

After walking home and conversing via FaceTime with Kelly, my dad and Bryan and Jess we, B and I, drove Sid to Rosie's house for a combination surprise party and sleepover. From there we headed to Ocean Beach to watch the final sunset before Sid turns eleven years old tomorrow.

As the sun dipped into the Pacific we snapped a bad selfie and discussed the past year of Sid's life, a big-deal year for certain, and what we hope the next one will bring and how damn proud we are of the person he's become.