With The Right Music

I've been bopping around a rain-soaked SF for the past two days with my earbuds tuned to Tim Rosser and Charlie Sohne's "With The Right Music" which I'll stash below. It's a feel-good ditty that should be listened to no less than five times in a row, preferably whilst showering. According to their website, Rosser and Sohne wrote it as a standalone song which means it's not part of a larger work and that sucks because I want more immediately. This version is sung by Noah Galvin from The Real O'Neals (a current fave in the Dufty-Lambert household) who I am utterly delighted to report can hit mother-fucking notes, son.

After approximately three hundred listens my favorite lyric RN (right now) is as follows:

with the right music everything's possible
like the world's an awesome unknown

Noah Galvin also performs Rosser and Sohne's "Nothing More" which I believe centers around the same Evan from "With The Right Music" but I'm not totaly sure. This one breaks my big, gay musical-theater-loving heart but I love it anyway. The description below the YouTube video says this:

As rumors spread that he might be gay, Evan is ostracized and teased at school. He's even rejected by Jason, his best friend and the most popular kid in class, who he cares for more than anyone he's ever met. Evan decides to write Jason a letter explaining himself and proving once and for all that there's nothing weird about their friendship.

Um, can they just make these songs into damn show already? Gee-zus!