Food With Friends

Last night Kari, Kelly, Tommy and I snagged a reso at Finn Town (the hot new spot to nosh in the Castro) for 9:00pm Pacific Standard Time and this is the only picture that got snapped all evening and the only reason it did was to show our mutual friend Drew who lives in New York now that we were drinking wine with his name on the bottle. I don't have much else to say except that it was kinda effing wonderful to catch up with good friends over delish food and wine which I definitely consumed a bit too much of. Also, I'd like to remember about the evening that before dinner T and I met at Hi Tops to hug and drink whiskey sodas and after dinner Kari, Kelly and I made Sam leave the dance floor at Badlands to join us at Pilsner Inn for night caps. It was raining bats and frogs all night long and my coat's still wet from the 2:00am (I'm pretty sure it was 2:00am) walk home with Kari.