The Last Bag

Once every couple of months or so pretty much since my mom passed away I would come home from work and find a small manilla envelope sitting on top of my dresser. Inside of each envelope was a standard brown paper lunch bag on the outside of which was a quote followed by "Love Mom" written in my mother's signature scrawl. As I've mentioned on this web log a time or two before (here and here, for instance), when my siblings and I were young our mom would send us to school almost every morning with a note tucked inside of our lunch boxes or written on the outside of our lunch bags. Sometimes the note would contain a quote, other times a poem or a song lyric and other times nothing more than a hastily-written "You're my favorite.", which was an inside joke between the four of us and our mom that always garnered a smile and an eye roll.

I received another small manilla envelope in the mail while I was away in Michigan over Christmas but because I'd ignored the stack of letters on my dresser when I returned it wasn't until this evening that I finally got around to opening it. Inside, in addition to a standard brown paper lunch bag, was a quote by Elizabeth Bibesco about giving, my mother's "Love Mom" closing and a white sheet of paper from Colleen, one of my mom's closest friends and the person who my mom tasked with sending us these bags in her absence. On that white sheet of paper was a note that read:

This is the last of the lunch bag messages from your beautiful mom. There is no doubt that you received the thoughts, caring and love that your mom intended these notes to give. She knows you best and knew you would need these. She always thought of you first, her favorites.