Showing Danielle Around

My former college roommate slash current real-life friend Danielle is visiting the Bay Area from New York City this weekend so instead of going to my place of employment this morning I accompanied she, B and Sid on a tour of the sights, sounds and tastes of San Francisco, California.

First we ate brunch at the Squat and Gobble in the Castro, then we walked less than a quarter of the way across the Golden Gate Bridge (we turned back because I'm scared of heights and, um, wind now, too, I guess), then we ate tacos and drank margaritas at Bonita in the Marina, then we got cupcakes which Bevan dropped onto the sidewalk but ate anyway and then we took an elevator to the top of Coit Tower. Now we're headed to a champagne and French fry bar in Nob Hill. Sidney will have water.