Our Friends Are Bad at Movies

We were playing cards at my dad's dining room table after dinner tonight, Ashley, Bryan, Nick and I, when Nick attempted to compare the topic we were discussing to a scene from a movie he'd seen but instead he mostly just shed light on the fact that both he and the other person at the table not named Lambert are kinda bad at movies.

Nick: It's just like that part in that one movie where Michael Cera sneezes cocaine into McLovin's face. You know, the movie about it being the end.

Me: This Is the End?

Nick: Yeah, that's the one.

Ashley: Actually, it reminds me more of that part in, um, oh my gosh, what's that movie with all of the really bad bosses?

Bryan: Horrible Bosses?

Ashley: Yeah, that one.

For the record, Bryan and I won the card game.