Flight Prep


I found out today that I have to be in Champaign, Illinois tomorrow morning for a work thing so I booked a flight and got a room and now it's 10:49pm and I'm sitting in a booth at Vino Volo in Terminal 2 at San Francisco International preparing for a red-eye. Today was pretty damn awesome for many reasons that I'd be happy to share in private and I'm hoping the next few days follow suit.

Also, today marks the five-year anniversary of my one and only on-site interview with Square, which went well (obvi) and prompted a complete career change and a move across the country to a place where I knew nobody but now know all of the best people, including B, who's at home cuddling with the pups right now, which makes me jealous to no end. I told the woman who conducted that interview those things today and she was very happy. Anyhooter, enjoy sleep, everybody but me!