Love Like Crazy, or Goodbye 2016

The picture above was taken by a family friend at my mom's funeral in August of 2015 while I was reading her last words to the eight or nine hundred people in attendance. My dad showed it to me while I was home in Michigan a few days ago and I love it because I know that my mom would have loved it. Her face would have exploded into the biggest, brightest grin upon seeing all four of her kids together in a church wearing dress clothes, her boys all managing to get themselves into tied ties and pressed, tucked in shirts. If she were still around I'm almost certain that this image would be blown up, matted and framed, and hung on a wall in my parents' condo right now.

Because the aforementioned picture reminded me of them and because we're on the verge of a brand new year following what has been a particularly shitty one for a lot of people, I think now might be as good a time as any to share my mom's last words again. They are below.

Enjoy the hell out of your life. Enjoy every single moment. Go do things, preferably outside. Put your toes in the sand and your feet on the grass, feel the rain beat down on your face and if you can help it, don't ever miss a sunset. Hug your loved ones, every chance you get and take risks, big fucking risks. And for god's sake laugh. And dance. And try to worry a little bit less. And lastly, and most importantly, live simple and love like crazy.

Happy New Year.