2016 Goals Update #6

I fell off the wagon with these updates a lot of months ago, but since there are only twenty something days left in the year I figured I should do one.

Buy One $1 Scratch-Off Lottery Ticket Per Day and Record the Results

To apparently nobody's surprise but my own I've lost $185 playing the lottery so far this year which is, well, not great. Below is a breakdown.

  • November: -$20
  • October: -$16
  • September: -$13
  • August: -$20
  • July: -$9
  • June: -$23
  • May: -$19
  • April: -$24
  • March: -$14
  • February: -$10
  • January: -$17

I was having drinks with a friend who also happens to be a mathematician a few weeks ago and she laughed when I told her how this was going. "It's been a total slaughter," I confessed.

Her response: "Based on probability I could have told you this would happen back in January and saved you a couple hundred bucks."


Math is dumb.

If there's a silver lining to me getting my ass handed to me nearly every single day this year it's that in California more than ninety-five cents of every dollar spent on lottery tickets goes to public schools meaning that I purchased a shitload of pencils in 2016.

You're welcome, children.

Run a Half Marathon


Spend at Least One Hundred Hours Volunteering


This is the only goal that I don't think I'm gonna accomplish this year which I'm kind of ashamed about. My excuses are as follows:

  • I opted to take a break from coaching soccer this fall so a whole bunch of hours that I was counting on didn't happen.
  • The non-profit where I planned to rack up most of my time has been under construction for many months.
  • I'm the worst person ever.

Sock Away [Redacted Amount of Money]

Done and then some. Shapow!

Write a Children's Book

I sent a draft to a few people last weekend and the feedback wasn't awful. I'm gonna go ahead and mark this complete.

Bonus Goal: Read Two Books Per Month


The image at the top of this post is of the playbill that was handed to me by an usher before a performance of Dear Evan Hansen last month. Seeing said show was easily my favorite thing about November and perhaps all of 2016. Except for the birth of my niece Ella. And also Buddy and Patches coming to live in my house. Also probably some other stuff, too.