A Lovely Little Windy City Reunion, or Anne and Kate Turn Thirty-Two

A bunch of people who currently live in Chicago and a bunch of people who did at one time or another during the four years after college that I called the Windy City home gathered at Barcocina in Lincoln Park last night to ring in a new year for Anne and Kate who were turning thirty-two. Drinks and tacos were served and consumed and all of the non-pregnant party-goers got a little bit lifted and it was a lucky little reunion of human beings that I love oh-so-much but don't get to see nearly enough of anymore.

Also, I just remembered in the moment before this one that I moved to Chicago ten years ago this week which totally tickles my nostalgia bone. So much has changed in the decade that followed my parents and I parking our U-Haul at the corner of Diversey and Kenmore to unload a truck full of clothes, dishes and hand-me-down furniture but it's still pretty damn strange to think that that phase in my life has come and gone already. How have ten whole years passed? How am I thirty-two? How am I still alive?