Another Quick Thing About Harrison, or On Seeing Movies with Kids

I just remembered something else about seeing Sing with Harrison and my dad last night. When the movie trailer rating screen came up before the first preview, Harrison pointed to it and yelled "GREEEEEEEEEEN!" at the top of his lungs, I assume just in case anyone in the theater was colorblind. It was very thoughtful of him and not at all embarrassing for my dad and I.

On that note, if ever you wanna have your heart nearly burst from being too warmed by something, take a kid to a see kid's movie (with their parents' permission, obvi) and listen to the children around you during the film. They're accidentally hilarious the entire time in a way that's totally adorable and absolutely not at all movie theater appropriate. Firstly, they have no idea what whispering is. Second of all, they point out the most obvious shit during the whole film. And finally, every single bathroom situation that arises is a last-minute life and death emergency. It's really great. Trust me.