As Happy As It Could Have Been

Chris and Kelly hosted both brunch and dinner at their house today and when we weren't stuffing our faces Aunt Patti, Bryan, Chris, Ella, Harrison, Kelly, Luz, my dad and I were either watching Harrison play with the Despicable Me 2 Fart Blaster that Uncle Bryan got him (I seriously want one) or trying to make Ella giggle. I think we're all still getting the hang of holidays without my mom, but today was as happy as it could have been.

One little detail that I'd like to remember about this Christmas day is that as I crossed the threshold of Chris and Kelly's front door wearing an elephant onesie shortly after 9:00am Harrison, who was waiting there for my dad and I to show up so the opening of presents could commence, looked me up and down before offering a very sweet and sincere "I wike yer bajamas."

Also, while reading Ada Twist, Scientist to Harrison during bedtime tonight Aunt Patti pronounced the word chaos "chay-ose" and I'm most definitely gonna give her shit about it forever now. At first nobody could figure out what she was trying to say or why the author might suddenly toss a random Spanish word into the story but then I took a look over Aunt Patti's shoulder and realized that it was, in fact, an English word and that maybe somebody should have gotten her a reading tutor for Christmas this year.