So Many Tiny Lifetimes

The last of my Christmas parties ended about an hour ago and my dad and my brother and I pushed in chairs and blew out candles and collected dirty plates and empty glasses and waded up napkins from around my dad's condo and then we all said goodnight to each other and my dad went to sleep in his bedroom and Bryan went to sleep on the couch and I'm lying here wide awake because I can't stop thinking about how every time I hear "Silent Night" I'm reminded of my family singing it together in the cemetery on the afternoon that we buried my grandmother even though she died in the spring and about how my Aunt Jackie was the one who started us all singing that day but because my Uncle Mick has since died she's now part of a different family and isn't around much anymore but she still possesses a whole bunch of memories from a family that she's no longer part of and about how there are so many tiny lifetimes inside of every tiny lifetime.