Like the Polar Express but with One Hundred Percent More Booze Drinks

Last night at 8:00pm Eastern Standard Time myself, my dad, two of my siblings and thirty-one of my aunts, uncles and cousins got together to consume far too many alcoholic beverages on a trolley during a snowstorm while dressed in pajamas. Yes, it was dope AS (as shit).

Highlights from the evening include 1) stopping at the home of my high school math teacher and her husband, my high school tennis coach, to sing Christmas carols but instead building a snowman with a penis on it in their driveway, 2) watching my loved ones attempt to imbibe peppermint patty shots on a moving vehicle but mostly winding up with chocolate syrup all over their faces and 3) being with a bunch of people that I love and enjoy the heck out of but don't get to see nearly often enough.

Pictures have already begun to surface on Facebook and I'm gonna stash a bunch of them below even though they're super duper fuzzy because, to be honest, fuzzy feels pretty appropriate after what went down last night.