The Tom and Jerry House

Earlier tonight Bevan, Sid and I attended a holiday party at the Tom and Jerry House, a famous landmark in San Francisco. Jerry's a neurologist and his husband Tom fabricates the iconic rainbow flags that hang above Castro and Market streets and they're a longtime couple who decorate the shit out of their house for Christmas every year. In fact, when we pulled up in our Lyft car tonight there were several dozen people standing on their sidewalk posing for pictures. The house is dope AF and features amazing art all over the place, a tin hot tub on the first floor back porch and a massive window in the third floor shower that has ridiculous views of the City and the Bay.

Oh, and the Cleve Jones was at tonight's party and we were talking about our Michigan ties and he told me a story about how he was once involved in a bar fight at The Eagle's Nest, a once-happening gay bar in Muskegon.