Friday Game Strong

Bevan and I spent the bulk of this evening tooling around the Stonestown Galleria shopping mall with Sid whose birthday money had been burning a hole in her pocket since she turned ten last weekend. After twenty-five minutes, surprisingly little deliberation and a fair amount of finger math Sid strolled out of the Vans store flat broke wearing a new hooded sweatshirt and a pair of white sneakers with pink flamingos painted on them. Having blown nearly all of my disposable income on butter beer at Universal Studios in Orlando earlier this week, I decided against buying clothes this time around and instead forked over $2.75 for a deep-fried cylinder of meat-filled dough from Hot Dog on a Stick which I think deserves mentioning came with a free and stylish paper hat. I'm not quite certain Sid would agree with the "stylish" part, however, as I'm almost positive that my sporting said hat around the food court was the sole cause of the very first "You're embarrassing me." she's uttered since reaching double digits.