A Halloween Party for Pups

B and I just got home from a Halloween party for dogs that the pet store down the street from our house was hosting and it was everything I could have hoped for and more. There was a chihuahua in a bumblebee outfit, a greyhound in a Superman cape and at least three doggie dinosaurs, none of whom would sit still long enough for me to snap a halfway decent picture. We didn't realize how serious the whole thing was gonna be when we got invited a few days ago so we ended up looking like total deadbeat dog dads by letting our pups show up in half-assed costumes. In fact, all we did was put a rainbow headband around Buddy's neck (he's always cold so he actually loved it) and fairy wings on Patches' back (she didn't notice). On our walk home afterwards B and I exploded into hysterics because ten months ago we never even wanted dogs and now, well, now we cray.