I Boke It

For Christmas a few weeks ago I gave Harrison a diecast semi truck that I thought was a children's toy but was actually a model designed to sit on a bookshelf or a desk or an end table and be looked at but not played with. I realized my mistake about a minute after Harrison tore the wrapping paper off of it because the first thing that he did was drop it hard onto the carpet of my parents' condo causing one of the truck's rear-view mirrors to break off. Because it's somewhat difficult to explain the difference between a model truck and a toy truck to a one-year-old who wants nothing more than to push it across the kitchen floor while making car engine sounds, during the next few weeks Harrison continued to play with the truck much like he plays with all of his toys, which is to say not-so-gently, which resulted in a great many more pieces breaking off, thus decimating the truck entirely.

The demise of his Christmas gift must've been on the very top of his mind when he saw me facetiming with his mom last week because upon seeing my mug on the phone he ran across the living room, dug around in his toy box and returned holding a single set of plastic wheels. He then looked into the camera, gestured with the wheels and said to me, in the most adorably concerned and sincere confession that I have ever witnessed, "I boke it." I had the good fortune of saving the moment in a screenshot that breaks my heart but also makes me so damn happy to be his uncle.