A Casual Conversation at Dinner

We were chatting about god-knows-what whislt dining on dope AF Mexican fare at Don Ramon's Mexican Restaurante earlier this evening, Bevan and Sidney and I, when the following conversation was had by us.

Me: I think I lost my Sports Basement gift card.

Bevan: Really? Well, if you find it I'll have it. I can buy another speedo.

Sid: Ew!

Me: Yeah please don't.

Sid: You're almost sixty-one, Dad. You could have the E.D.

Bevan: Excuse m...?

Me: No wait, let's hear this out. Um, what's the E.D., Sid?

Sid: Viagra!

Me: Okay nope.

Bevan: How do you know about Viagra?

Sid: I watch TV.

B and I exchange looks and speak ours answers at the same time.

Me: Yeah okay.

Bevan: That's fair.